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Our mission is to transform formerly stagnant, neglected rural communities into viable social and economic centers. We invite you to share our vision in which Nigeria's rural children and families are able to live fully free lives — lives marked by self-reliance, good health, safety, and openess to a world of possibilities regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, or class.







 We believe in the power of holistic, community-led development.





of Nigeria's rural population lives in poverty, nearly 76 million people


of Nigeria's population is under the age of 19


of Nigeria's school-age children are not enrolled in secondary school


See how our Community Education Center model turns these challenges into solutions and discover how you can get involved today.

Building and equipping schools with highly-trained teachers and challenging, diverse curricula in rural areas to create sustainable livelihoods for indigent children
Establishing demonstration farms within the school system to teach practical skills and to encourage students to embrace agriculture as a viable lifestyle
Establishing health clinics within school systems to provide proactive care and address health concerns of children, mothers, and needy community members
Water, Sanitation, Hygiene
Providing boreholes, water distribution systems, toilets, and hygiene education in our schools to serve students and community members
Economic Empowerment
Establishing Skills Acquisition Centers within the school system to encourage students and other community members to learn vocational skills and entrepreneurship

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