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From The Founder's Desk

      When TIME Magazine choose Pope Francis as Man of the Year in 2013, its managing editor Nancy Gibbs remarked how the world’s focus is now shifting from bureaucratic power sharing to care and compassion. “The leader of the Catholic Church has become the new voice of conscience, capturing the hearts of many in just 9 months of his pontificate”, she observed. Since 2006, Children of Rural Africa (CORAfrica) founded under the philosophy of the dignity of the human person, solidarity with weaker members of society and pursuance of the common good, has grown to become a voice for the poor and vulnerable children and youth in Africa. We have increased our commitment to improving the lives of rural children by expanding our programs, reorganizing our structures, and training our staff to meet the 21st century challenges of promoting sustainable livelihood.
       Our goal is to strengthen our bonds and work together with our external collaborators to make a difference. We are happy to announce the incorporation of our USA Country Director, Emi Kihslinger, who joined the team to help develop our US operations and generate resources to expand our Community Education Center (CEC) model as a working example of community development and poverty alleviation at the local level. With even more determination, we hope to fight poverty through community based education and thus counteract abuse and exploitation of children. As a child-friendly organization, we are committed to building a meaningful future for children through quality education, health-related assistance, agricultural advancement, economic security and investment in water and sanitation. We cannot achieve these goals without a visionary and organized leadership approach. Education of the child and commitment to community building remains our overarching goal and we salute all our collaborators who have so generously donated their resources to building a stronger force in the task of sustaining humanity especially children who live in the most vulnerable conditions of the developing world. Our special thanks goes to our USA team members headed by Bruno Schickel (President of the USA Board of Directors). We wish to extend our special thanks to John Stilly for his selfless efforts in seeing CorAfrica worldwide grow to higher levels. To Mary Rutkoski of Abode for Children Inc, we pledge our unflinching support for you and the work we do together. With the help of our partners, CORAfrica has brought a new vision of hope to our children, our schools and the communities we serve. May God bless you all as we work together to improve humanity and we look forward to better days in the future. Fr. Peter Abue, PhD

CORAfrica-Nigeria is formally ratified with the Nigerian Government as an NGO and recognized by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC, Abuja, Nigeria), National Planning Commission (Abuja, Nigeria), and Ministry of Women’s Affairs (Cross River State, Nigeria). Registration Number CAC/IT 40479/374118. CORAfrica is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

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