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Welcome to CorAfrica

Children of Rural Africa (CorAfrica) is dedicated to providing high quality holistic services and programs for impoverished children and their families in rural Africa. We are focused on children as the building block of future progress, committed to rebuilding and renewing rural communities, and dedicated to answering God’s call to serve the most vulnerable members of society. We believe that nonprofit is a legal designation, not a mode of operation. Instead of “not for profit”, we aim to be “for-impact” in everything we do, from social media and communication to treating patients and providing clean water. Find out more about what motivates us by reading our Resolution and join us in our fight against poverty and disease by donating and getting involved.

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From The Founder's Desk

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      When TIME Magazine chose Pope Francis as Man of the Year in 2013, its managing editor Nancy Gibbs remarked how the world’s focus is now shifting from bureaucratic power sharing to care and compassion. “The leader of the Catholic Church has become the new voice of conscience, capturing the hearts of many in just 9 months of his pontificate”, she observed. Since 2006, Children of Rural Africa (CORAfrica) founded under the philosophy of the dignity of the human person, solidarity with weaker members of society and pursuance of the common good, has grown to become a voice for the poor and vulnerable children and youth in Africa. We have increased our commitment to improving the lives of rural children by expanding our programs, reorganizing our structures, and training our staff to meet the 21st century challenges of promoting sustainable livelihood.    Read More Here

CORAfrica-Nigeria is formally ratified with the Nigerian Government as an NGO and recognized by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC, Abuja, Nigeria), National Planning Commission (Abuja, Nigeria), and Ministry of Women’s Affairs (Cross River State, Nigeria). Registration Number CAC/IT 40479/374118. CORAfrica is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States.

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